alkylation - Alkylation of m-Xylene Courtesy of Dr. Glenn...

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Alkylation of m -Xylene Courtesy of Dr. Glenn Nomura With minor modifications by Dr. David Jeffrey Reference : 1. Williamson, Macroscale and Microscale Organic Experiments , 5 th edition, Houghton Mifflin: New York, 2007, Experiment 29.5, (2X) microscale alkylation of m -xylene, p. 446 2. Click, to view Reaction Work-Up I’ ;   although the MIT video illustrates the extraction technique in macroscale, the theory and practice of extraction is scalable to the test tube scale of this experiment. Equation: Materials: 1. m-xylene, 1.2 mL 2. t-butyl chloride, 1.0 mL 3. iron (III) chloride, 60 mg Procedure: Prepare one calibrated Pasteur pipet to contain 1.2 mL and another to contain 1.0 mL. As an alternative, the instructor may set up two burets for dispensing m-xylene and t-butyl chloride. As an alternative to the Williamson order of steps, add approximately 60 mg of FeCl 3 catalyst ( Note A ) to a clean dry test tube and followed by 1.2 mL of m-xylene. Add the 1.0 mL of t-butyl chloride last to this mixture and be prepared to install the septum immediately and immerse the reaction tube in ice water. A septum fitted with a polyethylene tube leading to a second test tube containing a wad of cotton wetted with water serves as an HCl trap. The reaction will immediately evolve HCl gas bubbles even at 0°C The reaction will continue to bubble vigorously for about 15 - 30 minutes. The rate of bubbling will
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alkylation - Alkylation of m-Xylene Courtesy of Dr. Glenn...

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