Essay 2 - Music Therapy - Keath 1 Sam Keath Professor...

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Keath 1 Sam Keath Professor Diebert ENGL 1101-109 7 November 2010 Music Therapy A couple of years ago, I moved to Florida to earn a degree in music. The apartment I found was nice and cozy and nearby the school. It was on the second floor and looked like a vacation bungalow. It even had a nice palm tree behind the back porch. I never lived by myself before, so I was really impressed about the neighborhood I was living in. I brought most of my music equipment with me. I enjoy playing and listening to music. Music is my therapy because no matter what hard times I’m going through, the right song always helps me feel better. One morning I woke up and I felt that this would be a good day for me; this would be my last quarter until graduation and I had a feeling that everything would turn out right. I washed my face, made some scrambled eggs and cheese for breakfast, got dressed, and headed off to school. The weather was really nice and sunny. I had a really great day at school and everything was going well for me. After my last class, I returned to back to my apartment. When I opened the door, I could not believe my eyes; I thought that I was still asleep and dreaming. All of my music equipment was gone, my keyboard, mixer, speakers, and amplifier. I looked at the back porch door and noticed that it was opened. I blinked and rubbed my eyes a couple of times, but everything still looked the same. So I pinched myself to make sure I was not having a bad nightmare. I still could
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Keath 2 not believe it, so I reached out for my keyboard, speakers, and mixer; but, all I felt was the emptiness of the bare surface of the table. That was when I realized that I was not dreaming. I was going to bust out in tears. I never thought something like this could happen to me. I felt like I lost my identity, and not only that, but they also stole my cell phone so I could not call anyone. What was I going to do now? I had to quickly
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Essay 2 - Music Therapy - Keath 1 Sam Keath Professor...

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