Readings 6-26-08 - laughing. There was no subject but it...

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“All It Takes Is The Chorus” 1. The intro starts off the essay in an interesting way. It tells a short story that captured my interest right away. I especially liked the effect of changing the perspective from third person to first person when it gets into the body paragraphs. The second paragraph could also serve as the intro, but it would not have the contrast effect. This is actually a two paragraph intro. The thesis statement, which is at the end of the second paragraph, uses the three prong approach. I like the way that the essay is organized into three main body paragraphs, each paragraph discussing a different song. The conclusion wraps up the essay well by restating the three songs that were important to the author, which were “I’ll Be”, “Sk8er Boi”, and “Wonderwall.” 2. There are some spots that were grammatically incorrect but the meaning was understood and they didn’t affect the flow of the essay. For example, in the fourth paragraph, there is a sentence fragment: “Sunglasses on, hair blowing in the wind,
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Unformatted text preview: laughing. There was no subject but it was implied to be we. 3. In the fifth paragraph: I did not think that he would not be able to handle the platonic part. The author used a double negative in the sentence. The word not appeared twice in the same sentence. It may cause confusion. Blessing and Disguise 1. The narration in this piece was, in my opinion, excellent. There were a lot of dramatic parts which kept me interested in the piece. The short story in the beginning was depressing, then the next part totally changes mood to a happier time in her life. After that, it goes back to another sad story. If the second and third paragraphs would have been switched around, then it would stay too long in the negative parts. The contrast from different moods keeps the essay from focusing on the negative parts for a long time. Whether she meant it or not, the arrangement of paragraphs is pure genius....
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Readings 6-26-08 - laughing. There was no subject but it...

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