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Sam Keath Professor Diebert ENGL 1101-109 4 July 2008 “The New Military” 1. “The United States should adopt a policy of compulsory military service for all able-bodied citizens over the age of 18.” - Question: should the number 18 be spelled out as “eighteen”? - Answer: 2. “Required military service would provide young adults…community and country and would also help develop a sense of…” ---compared to--- “The benefits of compulsory military duty will provide young Americans…” “participants will have developed a sense of…”
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Unformatted text preview: -Question: what is the difference between “would” and “will”?-Answer: 3. What did the essay not do well? a. The conclusion is too long b. Some new info is added that was not in the intro c. Changes the subject too often i. Ex. Youth, young Americans, participants, individuals, young men and women, young adults, those who serve d. Some of the sentences are too long 4. What did the essay do well? a. Avoids the word “I” b. Starts off broad and then narrows in on the main topic....
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