Psyc Test 1 Review - Chapter 1 Review 1 What were Wundts...

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Chapter 1 Review 1. What were Wundt’s key ideas and accomplishments? . Mounted a campaign to make psychology an independent discipline . 1879, first lab for psyc. research at the Univ. of Leipzig . Psyc’s birthday is therefore 1879 . 1881, first psyc. Journal . Founder of psychology . Key idea: psychology should be a science that studies consciousness 2. What were the chief principle beliefs of structuralism and functionalism? . Structuralism – uses introspection to analyze consciousness into basic elements. . Advocate: Edward Titchener . Functionalism – focuses on the purpose of consciousness. . Advocate: William James 3. What did Freud have to say about the unconscious and sexuality, and why were his ideas so controversial? . The unconscious contains thoughts, memories, and desires that influence behavior. . Psychoanalytic theory (1900) . Behavior is determined by how a person copes with their sexual urges . At the time, people were uncomfortable discussing sexual issues . Many psychologist were turning to more observable behavior 4. What basic principle of behavior did Skinner emphasize? . Organisms tend to repeat responses that lead to positive outcomes, and
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Psyc Test 1 Review - Chapter 1 Review 1 What were Wundts...

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