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The Dreaming Mind Brain - The Dreaming Mind-Brain Running...

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The Dreaming Mind-Brain 1 Running head: THE DREAMING MIND-BRAIN The Dreaming Mind-Brain: A Jungian Perspective Sam Keath Georgia Perimeter College
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The Dreaming Mind-Brain 2 Summary This article by Margaret Wilkinson discusses the purpose and the process of dreaming from the perspective of Carl Jung. Evidence is provided to support Jung’s view on the dreaming mind-brain. He relates dreaming to emotion by implying that hidden emotions are the underlying cause of dreams. In this article, there were several dreams that were analyzed to help support his view. Also, he says that the dreaming brain is biochemically and regionally different than when awake. He theorizes that the purpose of dreaming is to protect memory by forgetting, encoding, and reorganizing information efficiently. Two Facts and Their Relationship to Psychology 1. Recent imaging studies (PET scans) show how the brain is different biochemically and regionally during dreaming and waking states.
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