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Sam Keath Math 0097-160 June 19, 2008 Math Myth: “Word problems are extremely difficult to solve.” The main issue or concern about word problems is setting up the problems in an equation form. When I read a word problem, sometimes it is hard to figure out which variables to assign to which item in the word problem. I try to decipher what the words mean, but sometimes it just all mixes up in my brain and get a bunch of variables. But once I have deciphered the words and setup the problem correctly, then the rest is pretty much easy. All I have to do is solve the equation and find the solution to the problem. Trying to understand the question that the word problem is asking is the most important
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Unformatted text preview: part and then figuring out how to set up the equation. The easiest way for me to solve a word problem is to recognize if a word problem is similar to another word problem that I have seen before. Maybe the people or products in the word problem change, but their relationship to each other is similar to the previous word problem that I have solved for. The more similar a word problem is to another one, the easier it is to set up the equation. However, the less similar it is, then the harder it is to setup the equation. The key is to figure out how all the items in the problem relate to each other. Then you just assign the variables and coefficients and put that into an equation....
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