113D_1_EXP_A - ;* ;EE113L - Winter '98 ; ;Experiment A:...

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;******************************************************************* ;EE113L - Winter '98 ; ;Experiment A: Demonstration Program for sorting a list of numbers. ;The DSP Starter's Kit is used for loading the data, performing the ;sorting operation and storing the data in the processors data memory. ;The C54X code explorer software is then used to view the results. ; ;(Written by: Mohin Ahmed) ; .setsect ".text", 0x500,0 ;Executible code in ".text" ;section will begin at 0x500 ;in program memory .setsect ".data", 0x800,1 ;Numbers to be sorted will ;begin at 0x800 in data memory .data ;Data section begins array .word 4,5,1,2,7,3,6,9 output .word 0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0 o ;'array' specifies the location of an array of numbers in data memory ;space, where the first item is located at address 'array'. Only eight ;numbers are sorted in this example, and the output area, symbolically ;specified with label 'output' is initialized to all zero. ; .text ;Executible code section begins. count
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113D_1_EXP_A - ;* ;EE113L - Winter '98 ; ;Experiment A:...

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