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Unformatted text preview: UCLA Electrical Engineering Professor Briggs EE 113D TA Marvin Cruz Final Project So far in this course, we have programmed the DSP chip in order to get input, perform calculations, implement difference equations, and send out the output signal. For the last experiment, students are asked to build on these concepts to create a final design project. Design projects in the past have included: • music playback • speech synthesis • pitch detection • waveform coding • modulation/demodulation (modem) • noise cancellation • adaptive filtering • channel coding/decoding algorithms: Viterbi, Turbo, BCH • crypto algorithms: Misty, AES You are not required to do a completely original project, but your code implementation should be unique to your group. Students are encouraged to modify pre-existing code to speed up the development process. This is common practice in industry as well. A vast collection of TI TMS320 code for every sort of signal processing application can be found via anonymous FTP at TI’s FTP bulletin board (listed below). Note, however, that most of this code is for TI processors other than the DSKplus ‘C542 processor which you have been working with. Nevertheless, you can obtain the algorithm for a particular task from these programs, or attempt to modify the original TI code to make it compatible with the DSKplus. Students interested in doing speech or modulation related experiments are encouraged to review and perform experiments 2 and 4. Furthermore, TI publishes support literature (known as Designer's Notebooks), which are available at their web site and are designed to help applications engineers use TI chips. Brochures for the following projects are available: • Digital Stereo 10 Band Equalizer • FFT Implementation • Implementation of PID Controllers • Encoding/Decoding • IIR/FIR Filters • ADPCM Speech Coding The following summarizes some of the sources of information available to you: •...
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113D_1_final_project_preview - UCLA Electrical Engineering...

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