MUSHISTCHAP1 - CHAPTER 1 Homework 1. Prehistoric European...

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1. Prehistoric European cultures left behind what instruments? a. lyres b. harps c. instruments made from bones d. drums e. There are no surviving instruments from European prehistory. 2. The earliest known Mesopotamian composer is _______. a. Lyricus, whose poetry became synonymous with all poetry b. Ur, a king who ruled from ca 1400-1350 B.C.E. c. Aristoxenus, a theorist who composed hymns and psalms d. Cleonides, who composed music for plays e. Enheduanna, a high priestess who composed hymns 3. Which statement is true of Babylonian music? a. Although Babylonians had a form of notation, musicians most likely performed from memory, improvised, or used notation as a recipe for reconstructing a melody. b. Babylonian musicians relied on a complex system of notation, and several untranscribable fragments that survive indicate notation for many aspects of performance. c. The Babylonians had no system of notation, and only brief references to music- making survive. d. Babylonian musicians improvised, and several instructional manuals for how to improvise have survived, but translation is difficult because of the technical language. e. No evidence survives to tell us anything about Babylonian music 4. The most popular ancient Greek wind instrument was the_________. a. aulos b. bone flute c. lyre d. kithara e. tuba 5. The lyre was associated with which Greek god? a. Dionysus b. Hercules c. Xena d. Apollo e. Pythagoras 6. Which of these statements is true? a.
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MUSHISTCHAP1 - CHAPTER 1 Homework 1. Prehistoric European...

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