MUSHISTCHAP4 - CHAPTER 4 1. The aristocratic composer-poets...

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1. The aristocratic composer-poets of Northern France were the_______. a. troubadours b. trouveres c. Meistersinger d. Minnesinger e. Jongleurs 2. The term conductus refers to_____. a. any serious Latin song with a rhymed rhythmical text regardless of the subject b. a French song about an unattainable woman and the lengths a man will go to meet her c. a musical instrument used by the leader in circular dances d. the standards of behavior expected of noble men when approaching women e. instrumental music having paired stanzas with open and closed endings 3. Love was a main topic of secular song among all but the ________. a. Troubadours b. Trouveres c. Goliards d. Minnesinger e. All of the above sang about love . 4. Which of the following statements is true of the notation of secular songs? a. It was never written down . b. Only pitch was notated precisely. c. Only pitch and rhythm were notated precisely. d. Pitch, rhythm and vocal inflections were notated precisely. e. Pitch rhythm and instrumentation were notated precisely. 5. Secular song in Germany_______ . a. was written in French, the language of the nobility because of the Norman Conquest b. was influenced by the music of the troubadours but was written in German c. was outlawed by the German bishop d. was written in Latin only e. was never written down 6. The estampie and istampita were_____. a.
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MUSHISTCHAP4 - CHAPTER 4 1. The aristocratic composer-poets...

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