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Pre-Lab 2 - 8 The bottom layer is bromoform 9 Cyclohexane...

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Frank Gervasi Experiment 2 9/13/10 1. Color, Taste, Odor, Melting point, and Boiling Point 2. 1.22g/1.73cm 3 = 0.7052g/cm 3 3. Both lauric acid and stearic acid are solids at room temperature. 4. You cannot determine the density of zinc chloride using water because zinc chloride is soluble in water. 7. Toluene is immiscible with water, but is miscible with ethyl alcohol.
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Unformatted text preview: 8. The bottom layer is bromoform. 9. Cyclohexane 10. Lauric acid 11. Acetone 12. 10g of toluene has a greater volume than 10g of hexane using the formula (density*mass=Volume). Volume of hexane: 6.6cm 3 Volume of toluene: 8.7cm 3...
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