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Pre-Lab 3 - Frank Gervasi 9/27/10 Experiment 3 1. Concrete:...

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Frank Gervasi 9/27/10 Experiment 3 1. Concrete: heterogeneous mixture, Tomato juice: Pure substance, Marble: heterogeneous mixture, Seawater: homogeneous mixture, Iron: pure substance 2. A way to determine if a colorless mixture is pure water or a salt solution is to boil all the water away and if there is residue left, it’s most likely a salt mixture. 3. An impure substance is one substance contaminated with small amounts of one or more other substances whereas a mixture is two or more pure substances. 4. Sublimation is when a solid passes directly into the gaseous state and back to the solid state without the appearance of the liquid state. 5. Decantation is when the liquid of a mixture is gently poured away from a solid while filtration is when the liquid is poured through a filter such as charcoal or sand and the solid is left in the filter afterward. Decantation should be faster, but filtration is much better to separate with. 6.
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