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Lecture 11

Dodge a e 80 million for dodge f 80 million for chevy

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Unformatted text preview: dible threat is a threat to take an acDon that is in the threatener's best interest to carry out D $60 million for Chevy $60 million for Dodge A E $80 million for Dodge F $80 million for Chevy $70 million for Dodge $70 million for Chevy Don’t offer hybrid C G $50 million for Dodge Final Outcome $50 million for Chevy Dodge decides Chevrolet decides 1 10/19/10 MonopolisDc CompeDDon and LocaDon •  First mover advantage –  With Viper and Corve7e, firms did be7er if products were different Store B's LocaDon •  A chooses its locaDon •  New business plans to enter the market Freeway •  I...
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