Week 6 Lecture Notes

Week 6 Lecture Notes - on a key to use RSA is Asymmetric...

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February 11: Lecture 16 Announcements Assignment 3 due by midnight (2/12) Midterm this Friday: Multiple Choice 20-25 questions, no history facts; general concept questions Answers to Assignments 1, 2, and 3 will be posted on WebtCT so go online to check the correct answers to each question. Chara. Freq. Fixed Length Code Total a 82 000 (82 x 3) => 246 bit b 15 001 45 bits c 28 010 84 bits d 43 011 129 bits e 127 100 381 bits f 22 101 66 bits g 20 110 60 bits 1011 bits Make shorter with an unambiguous “free-length” code. “Huffman” Coding fulfills this shorter code and gets the job done. In Huffman coding, common letters get shorter length while rare letters get longer length.
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February 13: Lecture 17 Is the Diffie-Hellman method an example of an Asymmetric Cipher? A : NO , it is symmetric because Alice and Bob AGREE
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Unformatted text preview: on a key to use RSA is Asymmetric Unbreakable Midterm Topics What is Steganography? What is Cryptography? Transposition Ciphers Example: Rail Shift Ciphers Substitution Ciphers: Making and Breaking Them Monoalphabetic Caesar Shift Codes, Nomenclators Monoalphabetic with Codeword Monoalphabetic with Homophones Polyalphabetic: The Vigenere Cipher One-time Pad Ciphers Book Ciphers Binary representations (e.g., ASCII) An example binary transposition cipher An example binary substitution cipher Public-Key Cryptography The Key Distribution Problem / Padlock Metaphor One-way Functions Modular Arithmetic The Diffie-Hellman Protocol Asymmetric Ciphers (vs. Symmetric) RSA...
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Week 6 Lecture Notes - on a key to use RSA is Asymmetric...

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