Stress Fracture

Stress Fracture - Women generally has lower bone mass less...

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Stress Fractures – Gordon Matheson Oct 13 Special about bones: if you tear a ligament, what you see after it is healed, is a scar tissue – only a small portion of the strength compared to prior to injury but bone has the capacity to become the same as pre-injury bone deconstructs itself – weaker than normal – then only it remodels mechanical load, biological response muscle: very good shock absorbers 12X BW in jumping: *Body Weight
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Unformatted text preview: Women generally has lower bone mass less resistant to mechanical loading Negative energy balance pain in stress fracture is not remarkable possible to still continue exercising Difference between ct scan and MRI: ct scan like x-ray, radiation. MRI: for tissue healing for bone requires stability and blood flow Don't want to immobilize when you have a stress fracture...
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