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Stress Fracture - Women generally has lower bone mass –...

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Stress Fractures – Gordon Matheson Oct 13 Special about bones: if you tear a ligament, what you see after it is healed, is a scar tissue – only a small portion of the strength compared to prior to injury but bone has the capacity to become the same as pre-injury bone deconstructs itself – weaker than normal – then only it remodels mechanical load, biological response muscle: very good shock absorbers 12X BW in jumping: *Body Weight
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Unformatted text preview: Women generally has lower bone mass – less resistant to mechanical loading Negative energy balance pain in stress fracture is not remarkable – possible to still continue exercising Difference between ct scan and MRI: ct scan – like x-ray, radiation. MRI: for tissue healing for bone requires stability and blood flow Don't want to immobilize when you have a stress fracture...
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