compe223-090302011-HW1 - #include <iostream> using...

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using namespace std; // CLASS------------------------------- class customer{ private: string custName; double totalPayment; double interestRate,monthlyPayment,totalBorrow; int durationMonth; public: p // Set Value------------------------ void setCustName(string setName){ custName = setName; } void setInterestRate(double setRate){ if (setRate < 0){ cout<<endl; cout<<"***************Interest Rate must be greater than -1"; do{ cout<<endl; cout<<"Enter Interest Rate: "; cin>>setRate; cout<<endl; }while(setRate < 0); } else interestRate = setRate; } void setDurationMonth(int setMonth){ if (setMonth < 0 || setMonth > 12){ cout<<endl; cout<<"***************Duration Month must be between 1 to 12"; do{ cout<<endl; cout <<"Enter the Duration in months: "; cin>>setMonth; cout<<endl; }while(setMonth < 0 || setMonth > 12); } else durationMonth = setMonth; } void setTotalBorrow(double setBorrow){ totalBorrow = setBorrow; } customer(double borrow, double rate, int month):totalPayment(0.0),monthlyPayment(0.00){
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compe223-090302011-HW1 - #include &lt;iostream&gt; using...

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