Class11 - Class meeting #11 Wednesday, Sept 29th GEEN 1300...

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1 Class meeting #11 Wednesday, Sept 29 th Excel & Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) Objec oriented programming (OOP GEEN 1300 Introduction to Engineering Computing Moving information to/from VBA 1 Object-oriented programming (OOP) Procedures: Subs and Functions, layout Homework #5 posted, due next Wednesday Moving information to/from VBA Referencing the value in a spreadsheet cell Range(“A1”).Value objec property There are many properties that a cell can have (width, font style, outline, background color, etc.) object Since Value is the default property, you can leave that out: Range(“A1”) and “Value” is one of them. Acquiring a value into VBA from the spreadsheet 2 VBA code gets the value in cell A2 and assigns it to a VBA variable a
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2 Moving information to/from VBA Placing a value from VBA back onto the spreadsheet Multiplies the variable a by 2 and places the value in A3 Selecting spreadsheet cells from VBA 3 Makes A3 the selection and “active cell” Object-oriented Programming a computer-based entity that has properties and can be manipulated Excel has a pre-defined hierarchy of objects and properties It is also possible to define new objects, classes of objects, & properties in Excel,
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Class11 - Class meeting #11 Wednesday, Sept 29th GEEN 1300...

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