A few ideas for writing prompts

A few ideas for writing prompts - A few ideas for writing...

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A few ideas for writing prompts: Vigilante justice – is it right or wrong? (I.e. should civilians be allowed to determine the fates of those who commit acts of crime?) - An 11-year old girl was raped after school in Philadelphia. Several members in her community set out to find who police publicly stated was a “suspect of interest” in the case. They found and confronted the man at a convenience store, and proceeded to beat him until police had arrived. In a public statement, authorities had said that none of the civilians would be charged with assault/battery or attempted murder. Does this condone vigilante justice? How should authorities handle such situations? - In a similar situation, two teenagers attempted to rob a pharmacy in Oklahoma. The pharmacist behind the counter had a shotgun and shot one of the robbers out of self- defense. The other one ran, and after the pharmacist decided not to pursue the runaway, he came back and shot the other robber several times. The pharmacist did not know he was a teenager. Should he have called the authorities while the robber was down and merely contained him? He is being charged with first degree murder, but was it an act of vigilante justice? - How should authorities address vigilante justice? There is a law that addresses citizens’ arrests, but is it right for civilians to take matters in their own hands? Megan’s Laws – a law that states the public has a right to know about sex offenders within their own neighborhoods. - This information must be made accessible to the public - Controversial? Two men allegedly fired at a public sex offender’s home and set it ablaze, killing both the sex offender and his wife. Is this another form of vigilante justice? Placebo effect - When people think that the drug is going to work, these are often administered to psychologically stimulate the patient into thinking he or she is receiving the drug. - Could a higher investment in these non-invasive, inexpensive techniques be beneficial in healthcare? Natural Disasters – the flooding of Iowa - Detrimental to its citizens, especially with respect to the environment - Resources have been cut off by nature - Sandbags have been sent, ready-to-eat meals provided - Government-supported rescue shelters - Environmentalists have worked to mitigate the long-term effects of the flooding (water
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A few ideas for writing prompts - A few ideas for writing...

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