MCAT_TAP_Apr_19_2008 - HIGHLY CONFIDENTIAL Test Assessment...

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Unformatted text preview: - - HIGHLY CONFIDENTIAL - - Test Assessment Program Report MCAT April 2008 ¾Test Date: Saturday, April 19, 2008 ¾General Overview This exam confirms the features we have come to see as standard for the MCAT CBT. In general, checking in to the center was reported as smooth and all the rules are expected to be followed (nothing in test area except I.D., can access belongings for food but not notes, signing in/signing out, scratch paper, etc.). . All sections contained seven passages with a range of 5-7 questions per passage. More details on the individual sections follow. Information that is different from the 2007 TAP reports has been highlighted in yellow. Overall the test was reported to be about as difficult as the AAMC Practice Test 10. ¾General Test Experience and Overall Test Features Check-in is as expected and takes anywhere from 5-30 minutes. ID check and fingerprint scanning is done each time an examinee exits or enters the testing room, and returning a little bit late from the break has no consequences; the test does notrestart without the examinee present. The tutorial time has been increased to 10 minutes (it was only 5 minutes in 2007) which makes it easier to work through all of the tools and instructions. A packet of colored scratch paper (4 pages) and 2 sharpened pencils are handed out at the start of the test and collected at the end of the test. The scratch paper is immediately MCAT T.A.P. Report April 2008 2shredded. The amount of scratch paper seems sufficient for the entire exam, although more can be requested if needed. Noise reduction headphones were available at all cubicles. The layout of the passages, questions, and buttons has also not changed from the earlier tests. As expected, the passages are on the left and the questions for that passage were grouped together on the right, and they can be scrolled independently. At the bottom of the screen, the left corner states “Passage ___ of ___”. Also along the bottom are the timer, the Previous and Next buttons, a Mark button, and the Review button. An Exhibit button opens the periodic table....
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MCAT_TAP_Apr_19_2008 - HIGHLY CONFIDENTIAL Test Assessment...

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