Chapter 3 Notes - Compartmentation

Chapter 3 Notes - Compartmentation - Compartments separate...

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Unformatted text preview: Compartments separate biochemical processes that might otherwise conflict with one another- Ex: protein synthesis takes place in one subcellular compartment while protein degradation is taking place in another.- Barriers between compartments allow the composition of one compartments contents to differ from the contents of adjacent compartments Intracellular fluid within the cells Extracellular fluid outside the cells- Separated by the cell membrane In the ECF, the plasma is the fluid portion of the blood.- Lies within the circulatory system I nterstitial fluid (also in the ECF) lies between the circulatory system and the cells. (figure 3-2, pg. 52) General functions of cell membrane:- Physical isolation (separates ICF from the ECF)- Regulation of exchange with the environment- Communication between the cell and its environment- Structural support (in conjunction with the cytoskeleton) Fluid mosaic model of the cell: Figure 3-4, page 54 The more metabolically active a membrane is, the more proteins it contains (inner mitochondrial membrane is 75% protein) When phospholipids are placed in aqueous solution, they will orient their hydrophilic heads outward to interact with the water, and shield their hydrophobic fatty acid tails inward to create a micelle shape....
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Chapter 3 Notes - Compartmentation - Compartments separate...

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