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A few biochemistry notes and techniques

A few biochemistry notes and techniques - m stays the same...

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A few biochemistry notes: Reaction velocity depends on substrate concentration, but not V max (the only thing that Vmax depends on is total enzyme concentration. Take an experiment that determines the maximum velocity of an enzyme-substrate reaction: the enzyme concentration is usually kept fixed while the substrate concentration varies: if the enzyme concentration was not kept constant during measurement of reaction velocity as a function of substrate concentration, we would see a change in Vmax, but K m would remain constant. - We haven’t changed the enzyme or substrate itself, which is why K
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Unformatted text preview: m stays the same. The K m describes the affinity of an enzyme for its substrate. Do the easy questions first, hard last, and middle in between. Use process of elimination wherever possible! In long question stems, read the last sentence first. Prioritize passages and questions; the emphasis is on skimming the passage and not reading it .-While doing the questions, go back to the passage when you need to for details.-In dense passages, looking at questions helps We can create a passage map also (2-3 words for each paragraph describing what it’s about)...
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