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Microbiology free standing notes

Microbiology free standing notes - central shaft injects...

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Microbiology free-standing notes If a plasmid is digested with a restriction enzyme, subjected to gel electrophoresis, and two bands are shown, then there must have been 2 restriction sites on the plasmid. It cannot be only one since plasmids are circular , and having only one restriction site would produce one band. Animal viruses can be endocytosed whole (i.e. uncoated) through a cell membrane, and then uncoating of the genome occurs in the cytoplasm. In bacteriophages, the capsid remains outside of the cell and the
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Unformatted text preview: central shaft injects the genome through the membrane directly. Regarding T4 infection of E. Coli, the T4 phage (it is a prokaryotic bacteria ) does not bud through the plasma membrane to leave the cell; it can’t do this since bacteria have cell walls, and T4 phages will infect fellow bacteria (which have cell walls)-The optimal host phage of T4 will not contain lysosomes, since bacteria do not contain membrane-bound organelles...
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