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Boston Massacre Essay - TJ Stueve Mr Whetstone AP US...

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TJ Stueve Mr. Whetstone AP US History 20 September 2010 Interpreting the Boston Massacre The Boston Massacre was an event that triggered dramatic change in our nation. The Massacre sparked flames of hatred against the British, and eventually created a massive fire that would consume their British rulers. Thanks to Paul Revere it became known as a sign that the British were violent and oppressive, and that the perpetrators needed to be dealt with. While accounts of the story do not match up exactly, one can probably deduce that, even though it may have been a mistake by the British soldiers, the situation was greatly over exaggerated. This Massacre was clearly a sorrowful event; however, it was the Revolutionists that truly warped it into a heinous and outrageous crime. The Boston Massacre occurred on March 5, 1770. This event was the result of a colonial mob, and it ended with the death of five Americans. This much is one-hounded percent infallible information, no other accounts or numbers are considered relatively true. However, it is the exact
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Boston Massacre Essay - TJ Stueve Mr Whetstone AP US...

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