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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <project name="Untitled Gantt Project" company="" webLink="http://" view- date="2010-09-26" view-index="0" gantt-divider-location="316" resource-divider- location="301" version="2.0"> <description/> <view zooming-state="default:4" id="gantt-chart"/> <view id="resource-table"> <field id="0" name="Name" width="55" order="0"/> <field id="1" name="Default role" width="44" order="1"/> </view> <!-- --> <calendars> <day-types> <day-type id="0"/> <day-type id="1"/> <calendar id="1" name="default"> <default-week sun="1" mon="0" tue="0" wed="0" thu="0" fri="0" sat="1"/> <overriden-day-types/> <days/> </calendar> </day-types> </calendars> <tasks> <taskproperties> <taskproperty id="tpd0" name="type" type="default" valuetype="icon"/> <taskproperty id="tpd1" name="priority" type="default" valuetype="icon"/> <taskproperty id="tpd2" name="info" type="default" valuetype="icon"/> <taskproperty id="tpd3" name="name" type="default" valuetype="text"/> <taskproperty id="tpd4" name="begindate" type="default" valuetype="date"/> <taskproperty id="tpd5" name="enddate" type="default" valuetype="date"/ > <taskproperty id="tpd6" name="duration" type="default" valuetype="int"/ > <taskproperty id="tpd7" name="completion" type="default" valuetype="int"/> <taskproperty id="tpd8" name="coordinator" type="default" valuetype="text"/> <taskproperty id="tpd9" name="predecessorsr" type="default" valuetype="text"/> </taskproperties> <task id="8" name="Iteration 1: DP Review 1 and revised EER Proposal." meeting="false" start="2010-10-01" duration="8" complete="0" priority="1" expand="true"> <task id="0" name="Present: DP Review 1" color="#cc00ff" meeting="true"
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This note was uploaded on 11/07/2010 for the course IND ENG 115 taught by Professor Staff during the Fall '08 term at Berkeley.

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GanttSchedule - ...

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