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ELo MT2 terms - Robbers Cave experiment (basic findings)...

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Conclusions: (See essay below for details) o Pursuing a common goal creates group identification o Separation and competition can generate inter-group conflict o Cooperative pursuit of common goals (and shared success) can foster solidarity, cohesion, and liking (UNITY) Southern Culture of Honor (the problem motivating the research, basics of Studies 1, 2, 3) Problem motivating research o Why is South more violent than rest of country? The Southern Culture of Honor In cultures of honor, violence is used to defend one’s own and family honor Most likely to emerge when individual is at economic risk from others and when the state is weak and insufficient o Where did the Southern one come from? Hard to say; Nisbett and Cohen theorize cultures of honor common among herders (herding requires proving willingness to defend property). South was settled by herders, Scotch-Irish, North settled by farmers South historically rural, low population density = weak state o South has different attitudes towards violence Greater support for murder to defend self, home, family; support for police violence In vignettes, Southerners support more violence in response to leering at someone’s wife, insulting wife’s morals Southerners more supportive of physical punishment of children More Southerners buy and carry guns, support free access to guns, believe guns make homes safer o Research motivated by question: how can we be sure that Southerners are more violent due to the culture of honor? Study 1: Asshole Study (from reading) o Study 1a: Procedure: North and South white males walk down long hallway, confederate bumps into participant, calls participant “asshole.” Half participants not bumped. Planted witnesses rates participant’s response to this. Participants given story to complete. Results : South showed less amusement/more anger after being bumped, more likely to complete story with violence after being bumped. o Study 1b: Procedure: Same procedure (“assholes”) but took saliva samples before/after bump to measure cortisol (stress) and testosterone (prep’d for aggressiveness) Results : Bumped Southerners showed DOUBLE the cortisol level change of umbumped Southerners, or either bumped or unbumped Northerners Bumped Southerners showed almost TRIPLE the testosterone level change of umbumped Southerners, or either bumped or unbumped Northerners o Study 1c: Procedure: After bump, would be approached quickly by 6’3 250lb Confed. Planted confederate estimated how close P got before budging (a “chicken game”). Participant then introduced to another confed who had witnessed the bump. They silently shook hands. Participant was supposed to guess what the confed thought of him Results : Bumped South gave firmer handshakes after; confeds called Souths more domineering after insult, no effect for Norths. Insulted Southerners thought the
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ELo MT2 terms - Robbers Cave experiment (basic findings)...

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