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Contact Report - Contact person and how you found him or...

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Eddie Lo – 19483002 IEOR 115 Contact Report Short description of the organization: The Haas School of Business is currently offering a service called MBA Focus ( http://www.mbafocus.com/ ), which is an internal tool that the Haas MBA Career Services use to keep track of offers and relevant statistics. Data: The data that is input by the users of the site—MBA students and the departmental employees. Number of employees: 5 (who are working specifically on this project)
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Unformatted text preview: Contact person and how you found him or her: Vincent Hu; this project was suggested by him via an internship this past summer. Existing database support (if any): Little database support – right now everything is going into a spreadsheet Current or future availability of PC platform to run MS Access: Currently has access Estimate of their level of enthusiasm (on a scale of 0-10, 10 is very enthusiastic): 6 Team Member Request: Josh Pines...
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