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NES18+Source+Criticism - Using the tools that you...

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Unformatted text preview: Using the tools that you acquired during our Library Resources visit to Moffitt Library in Week 2, please locate and print off a copy of the following journal article (hint: it is located in a online journal database that contains “full texts”): Swain, S.A.M. “A Bowl in the Nubian Museum, Aswan.” The Journal of Egyptian Archaeology 77 (1991): 165 ­167. Please then read the article and answer the following questions to the best of your ability: 1) What types of references / supporting evidence does the author give throughout the article (i.e. materials, people, publications, objects)? 2) What audience do you think this type of article is intended for? 3) How would you rate the overall level of credibility of this article? Would you feel comfortable using it as a basis for your own research? Be sure to bring both a copy of the article and this hand out, complete with answers, to class! NES18: Section Assignment – Source Criticism Due in class Sept. 13/14 ...
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