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NES 18 FALL 2009: FINAL REVIEW SHEET You will be responsible for the items below, even if we have not covered them in class (see your textbooks or the Baines and Malek Atlas or other recommended books as necessary). I. SHORT IDENTIFICATIONS (who, what, when–including dynasty--where, and why important): Aahotep; Beautiful Feast of the Valley Abu Simbel; Ahmose; Akhenaten; Alexander the Great; Amarna/Akhetaten; Amarna Letters; Amenhotep III; Alexandria; Amon-Re; Ankhtifi; Archaism; Aten; Avaris; Book of the Dead; Birth Narrative Coffin Texts; Colossi of Memnon; Buhen; Cambyses; Cleopatra VII; Amarna Art; Deir el-Bahri; Darius; Deir el-Medinah Dynasty 25; Dynasty 26; King Auibre Hor; Dynasty 27; Execration texts; Gebel Barkal; Great Chiefs of the Me/Ma/Weshwesh; The Gurn; Hatshepsut; Heri-Hor; Hittites; Canaanites Hyksos; God's Wife of Amun; Heracleopolis Malkata/Malqata; Itj-tawy; Kahun; Kadesh (Qadesh); Kamose; Karnak temple; KV 34; Kerma; Kerma Cup; Medinet Habu;
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