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SampleMidtermStudyGuideNES18 - STUDY SHEET FOR MIDTERM NES...

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STUDY SHEET FOR MIDTERM: NES 18 FALL 2005 Short Identifications (will include most, but possibly not all slides): Abydos; Axial Design (architecture); Book of the Dead; Canopic Jar; Cheops; Coptic; Determinative; Double Crown; Ennead; Four Sons of Horus; Giza Plateau; Heliopolitan Cosmogony; Hieroglyphic; Imhotep; Ka statue; Khufu; Ma'at; Medjay; Mereruka; Mycerinus; Negative confession; Nu/Nun; Opening of Mouth Ceremony; Abydos Tomb U-j; Ba; Blue crown; Cartouche; Chepren; D-Ware; Djet Stela; Dualism; False Door; French Expedition; Great Pyramid; Hermopolitan Cosmogony; Horus; Isis; Khafre; Letters to the Dead; Manetho; Memphis; Menkare; Naqada; Nemes Headdress; Nut; Osiris; Pepi II; Perceptual Art Ptah; Pylon; Pyramid Town; Pyramid of Unas; Ripple Ware; Rosetta Stone; Scorpion Macehead Serekh; Shabako Stone; Shen Ring; Sothic Cycle; Sphinx; T-BAGS; Taweret; Turin Canon; Uraeus; Akh; Bes; C-Ware; Cavetto Cornice; Coffin Texts; Demotic; Djed pillar; Duat; Reisner; Frontality (in art); Heart Scarab; Hierakonpolis; Horus Name; Ka; Khasekhemwy; Ma'adi-ButoCulture; Mariette;
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