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HW+4 - STAT 2 Lecture Section 2 FALL 2010 Homework#4 Hand...

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Unformatted text preview: STAT 2: Lecture Section 2. FALL 2010 Homework #4 Hand in HW to your GSI at the START of Section on Wednesday Oct 27th. Make sure to put your name, SID, section number, your GSI’s name and section time on the first page. Please staple all the pages( incl Q7) together. This homework has seven Questions in total. 1. Text Page 253 Q11 2. Text Page 261 Q3 3. Text Page 262 Q8 4. Text Page 262 Q9 5. Text Page 268 Q17 6. Text Page 286 Q6 7. To do this question without EXCEL go to bspace: download, print and fill out all the required answers on the pdf file” HW 4 Q7”. Otherwise download the EXCEL file” HW4 Q7.xls” do the problem using EXCEL and then print out the completed worksheet. Submit either the completed pdf or EXCEL worksheet with your HW. Remember to work independently of others. (The chance of you doing well given your friend does well Should equal the unconditional chance ofyoa doing well etc) Each of the six homework assignments will be worth 24 points. In addition you will get 2 points for each homework that is turned in on time with all the correct information on the first page. So the maximum mark possible for six homeworks is 156. This will be divided by 12 to get a mark out of 13 points. See page 3 of the reader for more information. ...
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