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Work+for+Week+8 - Work for Week 8(Quiz 2 is in Section on...

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Unformatted text preview: Work for Week 8 (Quiz 2 is in Section on Wednesday) Try Comments Text Page 253: 06 Text Page 258: 03 Text Page 258: 05 Text Page 261: 04 Text Page 261 : Q7 Text Page 262: 010 Text Page 268: 019 Ask for help (after you have tried these) if you have difficulty with these problems. Try on your own. Reader page 126: Re—do the tree to Answer: The possible values of T are 3, 4 and 5: find the Probability Distribution of T in the eac" With Chance “3- without replacement case. Useful in understanding the Binomial. Reader Pages 284, 285 Best done before Quiz 2 (on Wed) Text Page 250: 0'5 3 8t 4 This may lead to much discussion in Section. Header Pages 287, 288 Points to clarity with Howard or éSl: ...
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