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I ntroduction to Technical Communications Engineering 100 Standard Disclaimer: These lecture notes are provided as a SERVICE to you to help you study for this class. At no time are we obligated to provide notes for every lecture. Understand that these notes are NOT a replacement for either coming to lecture or for the class readings. Indeed, these notes represent only a PARTIAL SET, which means it's up to you to attend class (or to find someone else's notes) to fill in the SUBSTANTIAL fraction of the lecture that has been left out of these notes. Indeed, these notes may represent only a draft and may be based on last term's lectures (which may or may not be repeated in their entirety for this term.) If it turns out that attendance to the class drops below 80%, we reserve the right to reduce the amount of content in these notes. If it turns out that attendance to the class drops below 80%, we also reserve the right to discontinue the distribution of these notes either before or after lecture. Copyright: © 2007, Jason M Daida. All Rights Reserved. Lecture 4 Announcements ± Past due – Journal 1 – Problems with Sakai? ± Due this Friday – Assignment I-0 ± In play – Assignment T-1 (do the wiki, too) ± Note – Project reports for Assignment I-1 are now uploaded to Sakai Announcements ± Changes to lab – Shortened to one period (45 min) – Half of the teams go in the first period – Other half of the teams go in the second period ± Exception is the week of May 28 – Friday lab is switched to Wednesday May 30 – Wed workshop is switched to Lab Preview ± Motivations ± Definitions ± A basic form We start a new section and focus on applying English to engineering. This highly specialized application is called technical communications Lectures 4, 5, and 6 Engineering Design in the Real World Motivation “Stuff you don’t learn in engineering school”
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“Let’s start with effective communication, by which I mean writing, speaking, and listening…. [W]ithout these [three things], you’ll never be able to communicated to your boss, your clients, your family, and public— the merits of your work, ideas, and aspirations. Darren Whissen, Investment Banker: “No matter how strong one’s financial model is, if one cannot write a logical, compelling story, then investors are going to look elsewhere. And in my business, that means death.” The Wall Street Journal, 22 September 2004 Subjects most needed for engineering in industry
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lect04_W07 - Introduction Lecture 4 to Technical...

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