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M aking Things Design Engineering 100 J. Daida Lecture 8 Standard Disclaimer: These lecture notes are provided as a SERVICE to you to help you study for this class. At no time are we obligated to provide notes for every lecture. Understand that these notes are NOT a replacement for either coming to lecture or for the class readings. Indeed, these notes represent only a PARTIAL SET, which means it's up to you to attend class (or to find someone else's notes) to fill in the SUBSTANTIAL fraction of the lecture that has been left out of these notes. Indeed, these notes may represent only a draft and may be based on last term's lectures (which may or may not be repeated in their entirety for this term.) If it turns out that attendance to the class drops below 80%, we reserve the right to reduce the amount of content in these notes. If it turns out that attendance to the class drops below 80%, we also reserve the right to discontinue the distribution of these notes either before or after lecture. Copyright: © 2007, Jason M Daida. All Rights Reserved. Preview ± Introduction ± The Design Process ± Case Study ± The Iterative Nature of the Design Process ± Conclusions Introduction ± As you’re finding out, engineering will take the whole of human experience to apply to problem solving Yes, math and science are key to our profession, but so is the rest of what makes us human ± So in this class, you’re learning ways on how to do this “Lifelong learning skills” –“ E x p e r i e n c e “Application” ± How does one bring to bear different “parts” of one’s life to a problem? Which is why we use the metaphor of umbrella. Distinct activities / knowledge / skills / experiences that belong to each “spoke” are focused towards a common goal Engineering Design in the Real World How Makers Think… ± MPS-6 ± Focus on “Engage” and “Explore (i.e., Create Internal Idea…)” ± Additional focus on techniques that apply to “Exploring” Engage Define Stated Problem Create Internal Idea of
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Client Designer User Introduction ± Designer- Client-User Triangle Today’s lecture examines design —the creative processes that involve not just the designers, but the users and the clients, as well. So what is that designers do? Introduction ± To cast engineers as just problem solvers, though, is… well… limiting While there is great truth in the adage “The customer is always right”… And while it is possible to get a job in engineering solving other people’s problems… This is not source from which engineering soars ± Ask yourself this questions like… Did shoppers create the Web? Did consumers ask Apple to create the iPod?
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lect08_S07 - Lecture 8 Making Things Design Preview...

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