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T he Real World: Reprise Engineering 100 J. Daida Lecture 25 Standard Disclaimer: These lecture notes are provided as a SERVICE to you to help you study for this class. At no time are we obligated to provide notes for every lecture. Understand that these notes are NOT a replacement for either coming to lecture or for the class readings. Indeed, these notes represent only a PARTIAL SET, which means it's up to you to attend class (or to find someone else's notes) to fill in the SUBSTANTIAL fraction of the lecture that has been left out of these notes. Indeed, these notes may represent only a draft and may be based on last term's lectures (which may or may not be repeated in their entirety for this term.) If it turns out that attendance to the class drops below 80%, we reserve the right to reduce the amount of content in these notes. If it turns out that attendance to the class drops below 80%, we also reserve the right to discontinue the distribution of these notes either before or after lecture. Copyright: © 2007, Jason M Daida. All Rights Reserved. A Request I have a request of each of you… Save the world… and if that doesn’t pan out, save that part of which you were called to help Preview The Stakes… Being a Hero by Beating Malthus The Ultimate Helping Profession Conclusions Ultimately, it won’t be the technology and the science alone that saves us. You can bet, however, that engineers will be around to help… Technology and Engineering Get Blamed a LOT… Wouldn’t we have been better off without all of this stuff? The Dark Side… The enormous power to change life for the better can also dramatically change it for the worse http://www.by-the-sword.com/w222gl.jpg …a two edged sword The Short List (Leslie) – Nuclear war – Biological warfare – Chemical warfare – Destruction of ozone layer – ‘Greenhouse effect’ – Poisoning by pollution – Disease End of the World Scenarios
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The “classic” end of the world… – Show population growth tailing off with increasing time – Correlate tail-off with diminishing land, water, and other resources – Extinction is slow, drawn-out Leslie, J. , The End of the World: The Science and Ethics of Human Extinction, New York: Routledge, 1998, p. 67ff; http://www.britannica.com Population Growth (MEA, 2005) Wait… there’s worse news Recent models suggest that an end could come suddenly – Early end in spite of availability of land, water and other resources Meadows, Donella H., Dennis L. Meadows, and Jorgen Randers. Beyond the Limits , White River Junction VT : Chelsea Green Publishing Company, 1992 Mother Money Soup Wait… there’s worse news Insight into Meadows et al. model Substitute “beer” with “food” Periods w/o food To some extent, this has already happened… Atlantic Cod Stocks (Newfoundland) (MEA, 2005) And it’s not just about fish… One of the “wastes” includes gases that contribute to global
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lect25_S06 - The Real Lecture 25 World Reprise A Request I...

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