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DEFAULT STYLE SHEET ENGR 100 ENGINEERING DESIGN AND THE REAL WORLD W ritten assignments will have separate guidelines depending on whether they are memos, short reports, or formal reports. They will be made available as we reach these parts of the course. There are some guidelines that will be constant, however. F ORMAT Document has submitter’s last name (for individual assignments) or team name (for team assignments) on every page (in header or footer) Numbered pages 1.25 inch margins Serif typeface of 12-point font size (e.g., Times New Roman ) Single-spaced paragraphs with double spacing between (Note: spacing requirements may change; verify single or double spacing in the assignment posting.)
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Unformatted text preview: • Hardcopy version of document is laser printed, is single-sided printed , and is stapled M ECHANICS AND S TYLE • Document has been spell-checked and proofread • Document has been grammar-checked • Document has reasonable mix of sentence structure and reads smoothly • Paragraphs are concise and linked with effective transitions • Each paragraph has an adequate topic sentence and is coherent S TRUCTURING OF I DEAS • Overall organization of the document is clear • Reasoning behind overall argument is logical and convincing • There are no unacknowledged assumptions and there is enough evidence to support all claims...
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