E100syllabus_07May2007 - ENGR 100 (Vg 100) Introduction to...

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1 ENGR 100 (Vg 100) Introduction to Engineering SJTU Spring / Summer 2007 Engineering Design in the Real World Dr. Jason Daida Department of Industrial and Operations Engineering Department of Atmospheric, Oceanic, and Space Sciences and the Center for the Study of Complex Systems 2516 Space Research Building University of Michigan 2455 Hayward Avenue Ann Arbor, Michigan USA 48109-2143 [email protected] MSN SN: jdaida Course website: Personal website: http://sitemaker.umich.edu/daida Notes on how to contact us Our preference is for you to the Sakai wiki for questions concerning assignments and projects. For information on office hours, please go my profile on Sakai. If you would like to contact Dr. Daida directly, please see him during the pre-class Q&A (which is after class set-up) or contact him via MSN. However, if you need to email him, use [email protected] and include as part of the subject line the word “VG 100.” Please realize that email turn-around is very slow because of the high volume. elcome to Vg 100. You are a member of a unique section in Engineering 100. This course not only introduces you to the principles of systems thinking in engineering, but also provides you with the opportunity to work on an in-depth real-world project. And, as an added benefit, the project provides you with an (impressive) entry for your resume under “engineering experience.” This section’s curriculum applies not only to every engineering discipline, but also to you, this day, now. We strongly believe that what you will learn here will have immediate applications in your (other) classes, as well as your life here at SJTU. To ensure this, we will consider a wide variety of engineering problems. This course requires you to experience engineering. So, lessons are meant to be experienced and not just read. In doing so, this course requires you to stretch your abilities, expand your thinking, and become more pro-active in learning. Unlike any other course you may have taken, this course will draw on more than just a single discipline, such as math or science. Moreover, as you will find in the world of engineering, seemingly disparate skills—such as technical communication and team management—can make or break a solution. Your instructors are your guides in this excursion into engineering. We are all professionals and we seek to offer you the benefit of a real world experience. We firmly believe that, given commitment and determination, you can make a significant contribution to our community. Now, grab your gear and join us for the journey. Read this document often to make sure we don’t lose you. We look forward to working with you. W
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E100syllabus_07May2007 - ENGR 100 (Vg 100) Introduction to...

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