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PREFACE The goal of the ninth edition of Business Forecasting remains the same as that of the previous editions: To present the basic statistical techniques that are useful for preparing individual business forecasts and long-range plans. This instructor’s manual contains answers to chapter-end problems and comments on the case studies that appear at the end of every chapter. Our work in forecasting over many years has taught us that intuition and good judgment are essential components of a good forecasting process, a point we stress in Chapters 1 and 11. This is a difficult concept to put across in the remaining chapters, which deal with important forecasting techniques involving data analysis. We hope that the instructor can bring a measure of real-world common sense to the study of forecasting to supplement the quantitative material with which this instructor’s manual
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Unformatted text preview: is concerned. We also hope that students can gain practical experience through hands on use of computer programs in their study of forecasting. Our solutions to problems and cases here rely heavily on Minitab software. Forecasters have just begun to tap the potential offered by resources on the Internet. Data sets that appear in the text are available in several formats on the CD included with the book and on our website maintained by Prentice Hall at . Finally, we hope you find the ninth edition of Business Forecasting useful. Comments for improvement are welcome. We can be reached at the following email addresses: John Hanke Dean Wichern
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