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Psych Module notes - Chapter 7 The Brain and Consciousness...

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Chapter 7- The Brain and Consciousness - Consciousness: our awareness of ourselves and our environment o Allows us to assemble information from many sources as we plan for our future and reflect on our past - Evolutionary psychologists speculate that consciousness must offer a reproductive advantage Cognitive Neuroscience - Cognitive neuroscience- interdisciplinary study of the brain activity linked with our mental processes o is taking the first small step by relating specific brain states to conscious experiences - demonstration of some level of consciousness appeared in brain scans on a noncommunicative patient (in a car accident showed no signs of conscious awareness). .. when asked to imagine playing tennis, fMRI scans showed brain activity that was like the ones of the healthy volunteers - based on cortical activation patterns, cognitive neuroscientists can now in limited ways read your mind o can tell which of the 10 similar objects (hammer, drill, etc) you are viewing - however one research theorizes that conscious experiences arise from specific neuron circuits firing in a specific manner. ..another sees conscious experiences as produced by the synchronized activity of the whole brain. .. how the brain produces the mind remains a mystery Dual Processing - cognitive science tells us that particular brain regions become active with a particular conscious experience - we have evidence of two minds. .. each supported by its own neural equipment - one grand ideas of recent cognitive neuroscience is that much of our brain work occurs off stage, out of sight o ie. Studies of split brain patients revealed a conscious “left brain” and a more intuitive “right brain” - perception ,memory , thinking, language, and attitudes all operate on two levels—a conscious, deliberate “high road” and an unconscious, automatic “low road” dual processing - The Two track mind
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Psych Module notes - Chapter 7 The Brain and Consciousness...

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