chapter 9 - Chapter 9 Hypnosis Hypnotists merely engage...

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Chapter 9 Hypnosis - Hypnotists merely engage people’s ability to focus on certain images or behaviours - To some extent we are all open to suggestion (a person with their eyes closed being told they are swaying will infact sway a little--- postural sway) o People who respond to suggestions without hypnosis are the same ones who respond to hypnosis - After a brief hypnotic induction, a hypnotist suggests a series of experiences from easy to hard - Highly hypnotizable people (20 percent) who can carry out a suggestion not to smell or react to a bottle of ammonia held under their nose are those who become easily deeply absorbed in imaginative activities. .. typically have rich fantasy lives - Researchers refer to hypnotic “susceptibility” as hypnotic “ability to focus attention totally on a task, to become imaginatively absorbed in it, to entertain fanciful possibilities - Virtually anyone will experience hypnotic responsiveness if led to expect it o Imagine staring up at a ceiling and someone telling you your eyes are getting heavier. .. with this strain anyone’s eyes would get tired, but you would likely attribute your heavy eyelids to the hypnotists abilities and then become more open to other suggestions - Can hypnosis enhance recall of forgotten events? o Most people wrongly believe that our experiences are all “in there” recorded in our brain available for recall if only we break through our own defences o 60 years of research disputes claims of age regression—the supposed ability to relieve childhood experiences--- age regressed people act as they believe a child would, but they typically iss the mark by outperforming real children of the specified age
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chapter 9 - Chapter 9 Hypnosis Hypnotists merely engage...

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