chapter 27 - Chapter 27 Encoding getting information in How...

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Chapter 27 Encoding: getting information in How we encode - We will use the modified Richard Atkinson and Richard Shiffrin`s classic three stage processing model of memory - First we process some external stimuli consciously into our sensory memory , while other external events are processed beneath the radar of our conscious efforts, the events that we notice and attend to are encoded or processed into our working memory ( referred to by Atkinson as short term memory) , further processing and rehearsing encodes important parts of the event into our long term memory, from which the information may be later retrieved - Automatic Processing o Because of brain`s activity for simultaneous activity (parallel processing) an enormous amount of multitasking goes on without your conscious attention. .. ie. You automatically process without any conscious efforts about Space: where you oare on the page Time: you unintentionally note the sequence of the day`s event. .. ie. If you left your coat somewhere during the day you can recreate that sequence and retrace your steps Frequence: you effortlessly keep track of how many times things happened Well learned information: when you see things on trucks in your language you cannot help but register their meanings
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chapter 27 - Chapter 27 Encoding getting information in How...

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