Eastvaco case analysis - Name Catina Gordon Company...

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Name Catina Gordon Company ID#F2010192 Revised Analysis of Eastvaco and the Charlotte Facility The Charlotte plant has had a significant amount of resources given to them by the Eastvaco’s Corporation to ensure they are set aside from the competition by continuing to be labeled as a green paper plant. The Charlotte plant produces envelopes, paper cups and packaging white printing and converting papers. The Charlotte plant strengths are that they first have the backing of the flagship plant, and therefore have greater access to funds to ensure they can effectively maintain their green status. The annual productive capacity is 3,143,000 tons which is increased from 2007. The majority of Eastvaco’s facilities are owned by them or they have set options to acquire the leased properties at a low fee. Eastvaco’s Charlotte plant has remained marketable to the masses as everyone has taken a part in ensuring that we act more conversantly towards the environment, this has allowed them to reach a broader audience as everyone is going green. The Charlotte facility according to the Charlotte NC Facility spreadsheet the
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Eastvaco case analysis - Name Catina Gordon Company...

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