In other words social constructs may be artifacts but

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Unformatted text preview: their consequences. In other words, social constructs may be artifacts, but they have real consequences • E.g., Self-fulfilling prophecy Self- iClicker iClicker Question - Which of the following is NOT a social construct? A. A certain person’s physical attractiveness B. The criminality of a certain act B. C. The value of a certain painting C. D. The speed of a certain runner D. Role Role Theory - Social role: A status or position within society (e.g., “parent,” “student”) that has a bundle of responsibilities and expectations attached to it - Role socialization: The process through which you internalize The the the norms and behaviors that will be expected of you as an occupant occupant of a certain social position or role - Role model: A person who occupies a role that you may wish to person occupy, and whose behavior you emulate accordingly Agents Agents of Socializati...
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