Week 8 Tang and Confucianism - The “equal field” system...

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Unformatted text preview: The “equal field” system developed in Period Th of Disunion (Northern Wei, 5th century). It made state only land holder. State would distribute land to families based on size, rank Every few years, land would be redistributed – no inherited farm land. Long Standing problem of getting farmers to stay on the land, pay regular (predictable) taxes. Long Standing problem of the accumulation of land and other resources in the hands of an aristocracy Sui and Tang also wanted to embrace civil government, centralize power, and Confucianism was the ideological tool the choose. The need for a loyal, educated, highly literate group to man the bureaucracy grows with the reunification of empire. Han Yu advocated a return to earlier literary style. Argued that the transmission of the great Confucian Way had gone from Duke of Zhou to Confucius, then Mencius, then was broken. Argued vehemently against Buddhist influence at court and Chinese society widely. Buddhist Sutras (sacred texts) Primers, books of morality Legal documents, land and household registration Charters for lay associations Literature, stories ...
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