Week 8 Tang Poety

Week 8 Tang Poety - Power Power and Poetry The question of...

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Unformatted text preview: Power Power and Poetry The question of Centralization vs. Th Local power The Question of Military vs. Civilian Rule 1 2 3 4 空山不見人 空山不見人 但聞人語響 反景入深林 復照青苔上 1 2 3 空山不見人 empty mountain not see people 但聞人語響 only hear people language reverberate 反影入深林 reverse sunlight/shadow enter deep forest 復照青苔上 4 resuming shine green moss shang 1. P P P L L (3/2) 3. P P P L L (3/2) 2. P P L L L (2/3) 4. P P L L L (2/3) Actual rhyme scheme to the poem 1. P P L L P (3/2) 3. L L L P P (3/2) 2. P P P L L (3/2) 4. L L P P L (3/2) 空山不見人 P P L L P (3/2) 但聞人語響 P P P L L (2/3) 反景入深林 L L L P P (3/2) 復照青苔上 L L P P L (2/3) …The empty mountain; I see no others Th Hear only the reverberations of people talking Broken light returns to the depths of the grove Once again glowing on the green moss, as it rises up… ...
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