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Marketing Plan Outline - Marketing Plan Outline Summary A...

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Marketing Plan Outline Summary A marketing plan is designed to direct company activities towards the satisfaction of customer needs; determine what the customer wants, develop a product/service to meet those needs, get the product/service to the end user and communicate with the customer—at a profit! Introduction WHO is the company, principals, employees, community? WHAT is the product/service, what is the company's goal? WHERE is the plant to be established HOW does the company intend to meet its objectives, production levels, sales volumes? WHY was the product/service developed, what are its attributes or qualities, and how is it superior to existing products? Target Markets What is the company's initial proposed market? local provincial western provinces national How does the company fit in the chain of basic markets? consumer industrial government international supplier manufacturer wholesaler What are the target market boundaries? by consumer group geographically Define the dollar value of total potential sales within the proposed target market. Describe the targeted user groups by age, gender, lifestyle, values (major customer groups). Define the company's sales level objectives and what percentage of total market share they represent. Describe how planned production capability compares to proposed market demand. Outline any outside influencing factors which may affect the marketability of the product, and how they can be overcome: packaging/labeling regulations GST (effect on consumer price acceptance) buyer preferences (health food vs. junk food)
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technology changes to production (extrusion method) Describe when the product/service is usually purchased; on impulse or as a regular grocery
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Marketing Plan Outline - Marketing Plan Outline Summary A...

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