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BRAE236 - HW7 Flow Measurement (matching) ___1. Replogle flume ___2. Cipolletti weir ___3. Submerged 0rifice ___4. Approach Velocity ___5. Velocity head ___6. ITRC weir stick ___7. Flow rate ___8. Velocity ___9. Volume ___10. Head a. Weir with trapezoidal shape b. Elevation of water surface from a reference point (such as the crest of a weir) c. ____ = velocity x area d. can be roughly estimated with an orange, tape measure, and stop watch e. Critical flow device with small head loss. The preferred device for canal measurement. (hint - rhymes with Google). f. Can be determined by weighing a quantity of water or using a container with known dimensions (like a 5-gallon bucket). g. Biggest source of errors with weirs. Can be adjusted by using the “run up” value on a weir stick instead of using a staff gage in a still. h. ____ = V 2 /64.4 i. Equation for flow: Q = C x A x H 0.5 j. simple device used on checks to estimate flow
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Unformatted text preview: rate, clear debris, defend against dogs/rattlesnakes, etc… Efficiency (Multiple Choice) 11. A crop has had 3" of ET since the last irrigation. This depletion is uniform across the whole field. This is an actual field with a real irrigation system in it. The system is SDI (subsurface drip irrigation), assuming no evaporation loss, no spray, nor runoff losses. Exactly 3" is applied to the field. What is the Efficiency? a) 100% b) Less than 100% c) Greater than 100% d) You can't tell, with the information that is given. 12. Which one of the following is impossible to achieve for practical irrigation of a field? a) The Efficiency is greater than the (DU x 100) on the same field b) Underirrigation simultaneously with a high Efficiency c) The (DU x 100) is greater than the Efficiency d) The Efficiency is greater than 100%....
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