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BRAE 236 - HW16 MAD and SMD Questions a. Clay loam soil, 4 ft rootzone, AWHC = 1.6 in/ft, PWP = 2.0 in/ft, MAD = 30%. What is max smd (in)? b. The field measurements indicated the smd for the 1st ft = 2 in/ft, 2nd ft = 1.5 in/ft, 3rd ft 1 in/ft. Using a 3 foot rootzone, what is the actual smd in inches?
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Unformatted text preview: c. Clay loam soil, maximum smd = 3.2 in, ET = 0.25 in/day. How many days between irrigations (irrigation frequency)? d. Stawberries using .15 in/day, irrigation frequency everyday, is the MAD high or low? Explain....
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