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2010%20BRAE%20236%20HW19 - c Determine the actual minimum...

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BRAE 236 - HW19 Given: A 80 acre field is irrigated with a handmove irrigation system. Operation time is 23 hours a day. They system DU for the lowest quarter is 0.7 and there is a 5% spray loss. The sprinkler spacing is 30 feet along the lateral and 40 feet between the laterals. GPM per sprinkler = 2.1 GPM. Alternate sets are not used. Find: a) Determine gross applied per irrigation (inches) b) Determine the target SMD or net value applied
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Unformatted text preview: c) Determine the actual minimum applied to the field d) The grower feels that this DU is excellent since his pump efficiency is only 65% and he was told that was excellent. Explain why it may not be as good as he thinks. e) Provide 3 recommendations you might give to improve the DU and decrease the amount of water applied. Size 80 ac Spacing 30 ft Hrs 23 x 40 ft DU 0.7 GPM 2.1 Losses 5 %...
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