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2010%20BRAE%20236%20HW20 - 5 Low labor availability on...

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BRAE 236 - HW20 Questions 1-15: Select the irrigation system best suited for the following conditions. You can have more than 1 answer. A) Surface - furrow (modern) B) Surface - border strip C) Microirrigation - drip (traditional hoses) D) Microirrigation - micro sprayers E) Microirrigation - row crop drip F) Sprinklers - Center Pivot G) Sprinklers - hand move H) Sprinklers - solid set 1. Orchards and vineyards (irrigation for plant needs, not frost control) 2. Vineyards (frost control) 3. Alfalfa on relatively flat fields with a good labor supply 4. Potatoes with shallow soils
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Unformatted text preview: 5. Low labor availability on alfalfa 6. Peppers on the Central Coast 7. Strawberries at the time of transplanting 8. Applying chemicals (like fertilizers) into the irrigation water 9. Cotton in the San Joaquin Valley on relative level fields 10. Odd shaped field and Pistashios 11. Sudan grass in the Imperial Valley 12. Mid-west farming practices with high rainfall and low labor resources 13. Cotton in the San Joaquin Valley on undulating ground 14. Vegetables in area with high soil salinity 15. Vegetables in area with high erodible soils...
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